Image Code Item Description
cpw-tn  1CPW* Country Pattern Path Box
 gts100 tn 1GTS100* G.T.S (Gas Tight Seal) Boxes - 100mm
gts150 tn 1GTS150* G.T.S (Gas Tight Seal) Boxes - 150mm
 1water-th  1WATER*
Water Box - 100mm
Water Box - 150mm
 gasbox tn 1GAS*
Gas Box - 100mm
Gas Box - 150mm
 1LID-th 1LIDS* Loose Lids - 150mm
 ssbox tn 1SSBOX* RTA SS (Sub Soil) Boxes To RMS Specifications
 1SV-th 1SV* S.V (Stop Valve) Boxes Sydney Water Approved
 1lamphc-th 1LAMPHC* Lamp Hole Covers Sydney Water Approved
1hydvb-th 1HYDVB* Hydrant Valve Box Sydney Water Approved
 1step-th 1STEP Step Irons 20mm
 1flex tn 1FLEX Rubber Flexi-flap (Nicholas Flap Valve)
 1gut150-th 1GUT150 Gutter Outlets (150mm x 50mm)
 1GUT1501-th    1GUT1500 Outlets – Plastic Adaptors 100x100 (Reducer to 100mm pipe)
1GUT1501 Outlets - Plastic Adaptors 150×50mm (Reducer to 100mm pipe)
1GUT1503 Outlets - Plastic Adaptors 125×75mm (Reducer to 100mm pipe)
1GUT1504 Outlets - Plastic Adaptors 150×100mm (Reducer to 100mm pipe)
1GUT1505 Outlets - Plastic Adaptors 200×100mm (Reducer to 100mm pipe)
plastic-adaptor-150mm-th 1GUT1506 Outlets - Plastic Converter 100mm to 150mm
 1KEYS-th 1KEYS Lifting Keys for Covers (Short)
1KEYS1 tn 1KEYS1 Lifting Keys for Covers (Long)
oriface-th         1ORIFACE2 Oriface Plate 200×200 (Stainless Steel, 3mm)
1ORIFACE25 Oriface Plate 250×250 (Stainless Steel, 3mm)
1ORIFACE3 Oriface Plate 300×300 (Stainless Steel, 3mm)
1ORIFACE35 Oriface Plate 350×350 (Stainless Steel, 3mm)
1ORIFACE4 Oriface Plate 400×400 (Stainless Steel, 3mm)
1ORIFACE45 Oriface Plate 450×450 (Stainless Steel, 3mm)
1ORIFACE5 Oriface Plate 500×500 (Stainless Steel, 3mm)
1ORIFACE6 Oriface Plate 600×600 (Stainless Steel, 3mm)
Note: All Oriface plates have 4x12mm bolt holes.
 1GTS1001 tn 1GTS1001* GTS 100mm in Concrete Surround**
 1GTS1501 tn 1GTS1501* GTS 150mm in Concrete Surround**
 1GAS2-th 1GAS2* Gas Boxes in Concrete Surround**
 1LID1 tn 1LIDS1* Loose Lids in Concrete Surround**
 1WATER3-th 1WATER3* Water Boxes in Concrete Surround**
 SSBOX1-th 1SSBOX1* RTA SS Box in Concrete Surround**
 1trash-th  1TRASH Trash Screens (Small) 350H×250L×400W
1TRASH1 Trash Screens (Large) 600H×270L×500W

* NOTE: Suitable for nature strip/footpath use only
** NOTE: Concrete surrounds are not to RMS specifications